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Our objectives in the design management process are to:

Design management and construction involves thousands of decisions, sometimes over a period of years, with numerous interdependencies, under a highly uncertain environment.

     Through our direct experience, we anticipate the major causes for some of the persisting problems in building projects, such as requirements not being identified at the beginning of the project, design errors detected late in the construction phase leading to costly rework, time consuming or insufficient interactions for improving design and non-value adding activities in the design process.

     The design process is complex – our philosophy is simple. The design team shall be capable of transforming complex, uncertain, and conflicting requirements into solutions.

Turnbull can provide cost-effective design solutions that meets the clients' requirements. Turnbull's ability to design, manage and construct in-house enables the company to offer a seamless, multi-skilled construction service, backed by commercial acumen and delivered by professionals who are experienced in the field of design management.

     Together, with the client and professional team as required, we will advise on design alternatives, design life, specification, construction method, construction costs and most importantly, best value.

Achieve correct and complete design information, in the right place, at the right time.

Carry out sufficient preplanning to understand what needs to be done, by whom and when and establish clear agreement interfaces.

Enable early identification of design and production problems to allow them to be pre-empted.

Produce sufficient records to provide an audit trail.

See that decisions and sign-offs needed are properly prepared for and notified by all parties.

Arrange that submittals to Clients be made in a timely fashion to avoid delay to procurement and construction.

Ensure the design process proceeds to an agreed time-scale allowing provision for consultation with all appropriate parties and co-ordination of the design elements of each sub-contractor one with another.

Test that the level of design information produced is appropriate to the needs of the on-site construction process.

Achieve optimum value by evaluating design options and avoiding changes during the construction phase.

Ensure that the quality of construction information and co-ordination will secure the Client's quality, cost and time objectives.

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