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Mixed Use

Turnbull have delivered a varied blend of town centre residential and commercial projects combining multi-use classes from shops, offices, education and business premises which combine social/private rent, affordable and private residential sales in a range of diverse combinations.

Our in-house delivery teams and our supply chain have the expertise and experience to manage the complex logistics and technically challenging requirements of mixed-use development projects which are often in busy city centre locations.

Mixed use developments are perceived as more complex and slower to deliver than corresponding single function schemes because of the complexity of negotiating the planning and technical approvals stages. In reality both can be equally complicated.

Turnbull consult widely with the client and professional team on mixed use schemes where typically involvement from additional agencies e.g. environmental health and fire can be critical in ensuring planning conditions are discharge early. Different technical issues become critical at different scales of development with the greatest complexity being in mixed use designs where different functions exist within the same structure e.g. vertical mixed use.

There is an increased risk in mixed use development that individual technical 'silos' magnify the significance of minor design issues. Turnbull has the ability to get together all interested parties in cross discipline technical workshops where cross department teams can assist in resolving problems quickly and developing a shared understanding of the complex inter-relationships.

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